Created by corporate lawyers

Qnister™ is a cloud service that guides the user through the complex GDPR and at the same time makes sure that the user collects all GDPR information in one accessible place. You will get access to customised documents, policies, etc. which are necessary for you to meet the GDPR requirements.

Qnister™ has been developed by experienced lawyers at !nsatt. Our vision is to change the conservative legal business. One way to do this is to provide practical tools and training to our customers. This is extra important when it comes to new legislation or issues that our customers handle on a daily basis. As specialists in GDPR with an ambition to digitise our services, we see it as a natural first step to launch the Qnister GDPR module.

Our background as corporate lawyers has given us a proactive approach. We have extensive experience in training companies and organisations as well as in developing internal processes to ensure compliance and control functions. By Qnister™, we have developed a service that we ourselves would like to buy.

Anna-Lena Isaksson
Founder Insatt AB and Qnister ™

Emelie Terlinder
Founder Insatt AB and Qnister ™